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Phone: 0038640934164
Address: Ulica Mirka Vadnova 19, 4000 Kranj

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0038640934164 Ulica Mirka Vadnova 19, 4000 Kranj

General Definitions

In this agreement “You” are the Client and “We” are HBR, the lessor. The rental service referred to consists in supplying equipment for a specific period of time. The actual area of our activities is Slovenia. Payments should be done always in advance. In case of reimbursement via international transfer, HBR will only assume the cost of commissions applied by our national bank, and the Client should be responsible for those corresponding to his bank.

The renting service it is subject to material availability, and it refers to all the material that can be rented trough our web. The equipment complies with all the applicable European standards. The photographs and texts on the site are not contractual, and there may be slight variations in colours or models that will not affect its quality nor the renting agreement; they will be duly notified to the Client before confirming the reservation.


The order should be received via e-mail or trough our web: it must be requested by Client at least 2 working days before the start of the rental period. HBR will confirm availability in less than 48 hours and will send the client the order conditions and the final price. Once the conditions are accepted, the Client will proceed with payment and the order will be validated; the Client will receive an order number for his reference.

Payment should be done at least 2 working days before the start date of the rental period. Payment can be done by credit card or Paypal. In case that the initial rental period is extended, the remaining amount should be paid the latest on the pick up day.

Prices & delivery

Prices are all in euro (€) and they include taxes. Delivery costs are not included. We deliver to the airport Joze Pucnik Ljubljana, hotels, motels in Ljubljana, Kranj and a surrounding area. For other destinations please contact us.

Delivery costs (delivery and pick up):

* Free of charge in Kranj

* 15 € including tax for any order to be delivered in Ljubljana

* 10 € airport Joze Pucnik Ljubljana delivery.

* 20 € including tax for deliveries on Sundays, Bank Holidays and/or outside our delivery hour service.

* Free of charge for all orders up to 200 € including tax (can be rental cost, product purchase cost or both) in Kranj, Ljubljana or airport Joze Pucnik.

For deliveries outside metropolitan area and surroundings, the delivery costs will be calculated on the basis of the place of delivery and the weight of the order (please contact us for details).


The amount of the deposit it is indicated in each product page. In case that the material it is not returned on time, or with damages, we reserve the right to keep the deposit until material it is returned to us.

Delivery, use and return of the material

The rental period begins on the date on which HBR makes the equipment available to the Client. Material will be delivered in good conditions and with proper packaging when needed; the Client must take care of it, to assemble it and dismantle it according to delivered instructions. The Client must also check the material when received and to confirm that it works and it is in good conditions for the purpose it has been rented; the Client should sign the delivery slip showing his consent. In case that the material it is not in good condition or it does not correspond with the equipment ordered, the Client should let it know to HBR for its substitution. If delivery slip it is signed without objection, it will be understood that the equipment has been delivered in good working conditions, and must be returned in the same condition. It is strictly prohibited to lend or to sublet material to third parties.

HBR – or someone designate by us- will deliver in our service times, from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 19:00 h (we recommend to plan delivery/pick ups from Monday to Friday) at the address indicated by the Client and always under appointment with Us trough e-mail or telephone. For deliveries outside this time slot we reserve the right to charge extra costs.

If pick up address it is different from the delivery address the client must let know to HBR at least 48 hours in advance.

The time slot requested by Client it s not contractual and HBR reserves the right of changing it at any time in case necessary or case. In case that the Client it is not at the address and time agreed, HBR will try to contact him to set up a new delivery appointment: in that case we reserve the right to deliver once the rental period has started and to charge and additional delivery cost; HBR also reserves the right to rent out to another client any equipment that could not be delivered on the date and at the time agreed upon. In case of events out of our control HBR may be obliged to delay or annulment delivery, in which case cannot be held responsible for their direct or indirect consequences.

The Client should return the the equipment in the same good conditions that was rented, and only slight damages and wear due to the normal use should be accepted. HBR reserves the right of charging penalti fares for improper use of equipment. This penalty fares can go from 10 € for losing material pieces to 15 € for improper use or abnormal wear. In case that the product it is returned broken or permanently unusable, the Client will be responsable for its repair (if possible) or replacement, and HBR reserves the right to keep the deposit until product has been replaced.

The rental period can be extend by the Client in agreement with HBR. In that case, the invoicing will be made on the basis of the total rental period, and the previous agreement will be valid up to the last day of the rental period. The rental period can not be less than 1 day.

The client accepts the conditions described herein and undertakes its compliance as long as the rental period it is in force and until material has been returned to HBR or the carrier appointed by Us and at the place and time requested by Client. Until then, the Client will be responsible for the equipment and undertakes to keep watch over it. The Client will have all civil responsibility for wrong use of material.


Your responsibilities

You shall have the following responsibilities:

– to check the equipment upon delivery to ensure that it is not damaged, it is in good working order and it is fit for the purpose for which you intend to use it. If this is not the case you must notify us immediately and we shall endeavour to replace the equipment within 24 hours;

– to carefully read the instructions that we shall supply with the equipment prior to its use and to follow the instructions at all times whilst using the equipment;

– to take care of and ensure the safekeeping of the equipment;

– to use the equipment in a safe and sensible manner and in accordance with both the purpose for which it was supplied and the manufacturers instructions.


Cancellations are free of charge if done 2 working days before the rental date. A penalty of 100 % of the order amount will be charged if cancellations are done with less than 24 hours.

HBR reserves the right of refusing to rental or cancelling the order in cases like: no stock availability, failure of deposit/order payment before the delivery date, delivery outside area, etc.

Return of the material and deposit return

At the end of the rental period the Client must return the material in good condition. HBR will check that there are no pieces missing and the equipment it is in good working condition and will return the deposit in no more than 3 working days. The return of the deposit it is subject to the return of the material in good condition, not broken or damaged.

If the deposit amount does not cover all of the costs incurred by us in repairing or replacing the equipment then we reserve the right to require you to pay us an additional amount to meet the costs of repair/replacement. 48 hours after the end of the rental period, the material has not been returned to HBR it will be considered to have become property of the client and the deposit will be cashed by Us without any possibility for the client to take action in this respect against HBR.

Privacy policy

Except for our affiliates, directors, employees or representatives, a person who is not a party to this agreement has no right to enforce any term of this agreement.

The contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Slovenian law and the Slovenian courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes between us.

These terms and conditions, together with our current website prices, delivery details, contract details and privacy policy, set out the whole of our agreement relating to the supply of the equipment to you by us.

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